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TS Ask the RabbiHere’s your chance to ask Rabbi Cohen anything you want to know about Judaism!

One question will be chosen each month for Rabbi Cohen to answer via video that will be posted on our website and social media channels.Enter your question below and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @templesinailv

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#1: Jewish views on cremation

#2: Heaven and Hell

#3: How did Judaism become a religion?

#4: How do we know that God answers our prayers?

#5: Is God Real?

#6: Destruction of the Temple

#7 Eshet Chayil

#8 What does Judaism mean to you?

#9 Are Messianic Jews Jewish?

#10 Free Will

#11 How Jewish is Thanksgiving?

#12 Why are some suspicious of converts?

#13 Tribes of Israel

#14 Jews and tattoos

#15 What’s Chanukah all about?

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