Be The Voice For Those Who Were Silenced

Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser visited me in my office last month with his daughter. I had previously heard the amazing and disturbing story of his escape from the Nazis. They told me about a website they had launched.

WWW.I-SHOUT-OUT.ORG is dedicated to gathering together the voices of those who take a stand against prejudice in our society. The folks at I-SHOUT-OUT work every day to manage anti-bullying campaigns to eliminate hate and intolerance at their source: bullying. Their purpose is to make the world a more tolerant and peaceful place to live in for all people. Their anti-bullying campaign can make the powerless feel empowered; they want us to be a
part of the solution and join the millions that have become active participants of change to end the cycle of bullying. By choosing to SHOUT-OUT we help stand UP for those who cannot.

The I-SHOUT-OUT campaign is dedicated to building a more peaceful and tolerant world. At its extreme, bullying behavior can lead to the worst types of societies and genocides that we can imagine. The Holocaust and other tragedies all stem from the same root of intolerance. That’s why we have an obligation to end intolerance at its
source. Some of the victims of intolerance cannot speak up for themselves, they have been silenced.

So, how do you join the campaign? Go to the website and click on “shout-out now”. You then add your name, face and strength to the campaign. There are people from around the world who are making a stand against bigotry in all its forms. When you see people acting in a bigoted way to others it’s hard to do something, but if you
know you’re part of a worldwide group, you can gain strength from that. If Ben could thank you all individually, he would!

L’shalom/To Peace
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

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