Coming to a Temple Near You

I am really excited about the new Friday Night Live service starting on Friday March 4. Please note that there will not be a 7.30pm service that night.

On March 4, we will start with some light Mediterranean food at 6pm so you don’t go to services hungry, the service itself will begin at 6.30pm, and then at around 7.15pm, any families with school age kids have the option of having dinner together at Jacques Café around the corner. In other words, Friday Night Live will be a very sociable experience.

“What will the service be like?”, I hear you ask. It will be uplifting, dynamic and musical. Some of the melodies you will know already from our regular services. Some of the music we will have taught you on Friday night in the lead-up. Some of you will have come into contact with it at Religious/Hebrew School. Some of it you will have seen on YouTube videos we have sent out. The service will be fun and informal and even feature one of our High School students performing one of her poems about Judaism.

If you don’t have school age kids, you’re still welcome. You will still enjoy the experience. I know what an honor it is for our older members to welcome our younger ones into the same space as them, all the generations sharing and singing. See you on March 4. We’re going to have fun!

L’shalom/To peace

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

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