“To be part of a community, to shape it, and to strengthen it is the most urgent, the most vital obligation facing the Jewish individual.” – Elie Wiesel

At Temple Sinai, there are many opportunities for congregants to participate in the leadership and guidance of the TS community. Committees are always looking for new members to contribute, please contact the committee chair as listed below if you are interested in more information.

Caring – Laurie Kelman –
Education – Sharon Knafo –
Marketing & PR – Stephanie Helms –
Membership – Bob Levin –
Mens Club – Sean Lyttle –
Music – Heather Klein-
Programming – Howard Beckerman –
Retreat – Shel Kolner –
Ritual – Les Gilbert –
Sisterhood – Tina Drago –
Social Action – Bob Levin –
Tzedakah – Shel Kolner –

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