Hop To It!

When I build my sukkah at home with my kids, it’s a labor of love, despite the cursing over my home improvement ineptitude. There is something beautiful about doing physical work and then enjoying the fruit of one’s labor by living in the sukkah for a whole week….which is where my invitation to our Temple Sinai Sukkah Hop comes in:

On Saturday night October 7, you are invited, not just to one Sukkah, Sarah and mine, but three! Two other houses, those of Ilana Shapiro and Toby Goldman, will be open for you to enjoy their style of sukkah building and enjoy each other’s company under the stars.

Why is this important? Why not just have a dinner party? Because it’s a mitzvah, a commandment, an aspect of our heritage which connects us to the divine, to dwell in the sukkah, even for one evening. You will smell the desert air, taste traditional fruits for this time of year, and get away from the buzzing and whirring of technology which
is inside the house.

Not only that, but spending even a small amount of time in the sukkah reminds us that
life is fragile. Not everyone in Vegas and beyond have solid homes to live in. So, hop to
it? Join us for the Sukkah Hop. Fulfil a beautiful mitzvah and help us build holy community.

Moadim l’simcha, seasons of joy to all of you!
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

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