I’m the Leader

This is the time of year when the synagogue looks for new Board members. Taking on such a job is a sacred responsibility and one not to be taken lightly. It is one of the great pleasures of my job to see new and inspiring people starting to step up. In the words of our tradition: “in a place where there are no people, strive to be a person” (pirke avot 2.5). This beautiful phrase implies that being on the Board is not something that everyone jumps to do, but just because it’s hard and no one else is stepping up, doesn’t mean that you are free to leave it to others.

There are different reasons for being on the Board. The best is that you get to shape the future and vision for the institution. On committees you get to deal more intimately with logistics and practicalities, but as a trustee you get to chart the strategic course and influence the lives of our hundreds of families. You get to have an effect on not just how many people join the synagogue, but how deep their involvement
goes. There is also the chance to build long-lasting relationships with fellow trustees. Lastly, there is an opportunity to deepen your own learning and engagement with Jewish life.

I know you might be busy, but often the best board members are. Consider bringing your skills and email ivan5520@aol.com to register your interest.

L’shalom/To Peace
Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

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