Israel 2018

Join us for a fabulous group trip to Israel suitable for both first-timers and Veterans. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, June 21 at 7pm in the library where you can get all of the details and ask any questions you have before signing up.



Arrive Israel: May 24


Tel Aviv:   May 25-May 28 with side trips to Jaffa, Rehovot


May 26: Modern Tel Aviv and Jaffa


May 27: Drive from Tel Aviv to Rehovot to visit the Avalon Institute. For those on their 2nd or more trip and have been to Avalon Institute, a guided tour of the home of Chaim Weitzmann. Return to Tel Aviv.


Galilee: May 28: Leave Tel Aviv heading north along the Mediterranean coast to Caesarea, For those who have been before, visit Kibbutz Sdot Yam and see the Hannah Scenes House . Visit Haifa and on to Acco. Overnight in Upper Galilee.


Upper Galilee & Golan: Mary 29: In addition to magnificent views and appreciation of strategic Issues, visit a fantastic boutique winery, a delicious chocolate factory (learn how to make your own), and then drive up to Zefat-a fantastic city of art/artist, and home to many of the Jewish scholars of the past such as Joseph Caro.


Galilee to Jerusalem: May 30: Along the way, visit the ancient remains of Bet She’an, visit a wind farm, and as you pass through the Jordan River valley approaching Jerusalem, stop at Mt. Scopus for a traditional Shehechianu prayer upon entering Jerusalem.


Jerusalem: May 31: Simply overwhelming. Too much to say. Visit both the old city and the new city. Lots of walking through the Jewish Quarter. For those who have been before, many alternative things to see and do. Also visits to Mt. Herzl and Yad Vashem. Guaranteed you will walk your legs off.


Judean Desert: June 1: Get ready for a visit (and difficult hike) through Ein Gedi-a fresh spring waterfall, to the contrast and challenge of climbing Masada (cable car for those unable or unwilling to, back down again for a “swim” in the Dead. Return to Jerusalem, visit the famous outdoor market where all the Shabbat shopping preparations are going on. Fresh everything and delicious.


Jerusalem: June 2: It’s Shabbat and unlike Tel Aviv, its much quieter. Put your walking shoes back on for walking tours of the old and new city. All that you didn’t see on May 31.


Jerusalem: June 3: There’s even more to see to include the Knesset, visit the Dead Sea  Scrolls, Ammunition Hill, the Western Wall and the Western Wall tunnels.


Negev: June 4: Visit Gush Etzion en route to the beautiful city of Beersheva. End up at the gorgeous spa at Mizpa Ramon.


Negev: June 5-6: Most of the rest of the trip spent touring the Negev which, I can guarantee you does not look like the Mojave desert back home in Las Vegas. Visit Kibbutz  She Boker where Ben Gurion eventually retired (walk through his house), do a jeep ride through the Machtesh and learn how one learns to survive in the desert and much much more.

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