Join Me On May 9 To Show Community Spirit!


Once in a while we get the chance to come together as a Las Vegas Valley and really show that regular folks like us care. Such an opportunity will come on the evening of Monday, May 9 at the Cashman Center.


As some of you may know, we are members of Nevadans for the Common Good. This is a community organizing coalition of different religious organizations and nonprofits and businesses. We work together by building relationships between all of us and also relationships with those who have power to make changes in our area. In recent times, we have worked on getting harsher anti-human trafficking legislation passed.


We are currently working on helping the vulnerable elderly, particularly around the proposed privatization of Medicaid and we are one of the groups working on finding a solution to the teacher shortage in the local public education system. Some of you might make mention of the fact that you don’t use Medicaid or the public education system, but I promise you that all of the members of this Valley are linked in some way. The most obvious example in terms of education is: who do you want turning up as an EMT in a time of emergency? Do you want someone who came through a struggling public school system or a solid one?


From time to time we get together as Nevadans for the Common Good for a large convention. The next one will happen onMonday, May 9. We will have a bus leaving from Temple Sinai at 5 PM and I encourage you to let me know if you will be attending and if you will need the bus. We will return by 9 PM from the Cashman Center, having met many of our neighbors around the valley and talked with the public and elected officials regarding the agenda I mentioned above.


Let’s show everyone in our Valley that Temple Sinai members deeply care about our shared future. See you there!


L’shalom/To Peace

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen


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