Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

One of the most fun aspects of this year has been working together to craft various projects. Together, we have sung Jewish songs on the Fremont Street Experience, knocked on doors in a local neighborhood to “sell” the shul and even apdownloadpeared on the same stage as an Arab music band and belly-dancer. Having said all that, our bread and butter is the weekly project of the Shabbat service. It’s incredibly enjoyable to work out what might be meaningful to congregants young and old.

With that in mind, there have been some changes in recent months. You will have noticed the large crowds attending Friday Night Live. These wonderful attendances were secured by many one to one conversations and we appreciate seeing all the different generations in the sanctuary together, side by side. The repertoire of the choir has also changed as that group has grown and developed over time.

Nevertheless, we realize that in the “regular” Shabbat services, the pace of change has been hard to deal with and people have felt uncomfortable with some of it. We have heard comments regarding lack of “traditional” melodies. While traditional can mean different things to different people, we will endeavor to use some of the melodies which we know you like and appreciate, thereby providing a certain element of stability on the two or three Friday nights that might be described as “regular” alongside Friday Night Live and the Choir Shabbat. After all, we know that emotions of meaning, comfort and nostalgia, can be channelled through music.

Thank you so much for caring and feeding back to the Ritual Committee.

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen & Cantorial Soloist Heather Klein

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