Use Your Vote

Theodore Herzl was the one who founded the World Zionist Organization at the First Zionist Congress in Switzerland in 1897. The WZO still exists and gives Jews around the world a say in the affairs of the State of Israel. The WZO elections have opened and will continue until the end of April and I would ask that you use your vote.

It is your choice how you use your vote but I am obviously biased towards the Association of Reform Zionists In America (ARZA). ARZA supports the Reform Movement in Israel and helps brings Reform Jews to Israel alongside educating us about the State of Israel back here.

There are five hundred delegates at the World Zionist Congress later this year and they are split between Israel, the US and the “Rest Of The World”. If we, like in previous years, secure a large delegation then that has direct funding implications for Reform Judaism in this country because we will be able to secure more money from the WZO for our movement’s work.

If we believe in the values of Reform Judaism such as equality and social justice let us strive to have them embodied even more in the fabric of Israel.

If you want to be part of election campaign team, let me know.

If you want to find out more or register to vote, go to

It is rare that we get the opportunity to influence the global affairs of the Jewish people. Please join me in being active in the campaign and continue the tradition which Herzl began over a hundred years ago.

L’shalom/To Peace

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

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