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About Temple Sinai                            

The Temple Sinai family is a vibrant, thriving community that holds close its core values and vision of worship, is vested in the community and is alive with congregants and students who are enriching the lives of others.

Temple Sinai is a community treasure for our families with multiple touchpoints throughout the Jewish life cycle from preschool to exclusive senior programming.

Our vision reflects the passion, dedication and commitment of our congregational family to look forward and strive to attain our goals for the future. We invite you to come and be a part of it.

Vision for Temple Sinai - Your family, your home.

Mission Statement for Temple Sinai:

Temple Sinai is a warm and welcoming Reform Jewish community dedicated to the support of Israel and passionate about lifelong learning, soulful worship, and social justice.

Support of Israel

(Yisrael) - We build relationships with the State, the Land and the People of Israel to enrich our Jewish identity and deepen our Jewish commitment.

Lifelong Learning

(Torah) – Wherever you find yourself, we want to help you get to the next stage of your Jewish journey. We offer formal and informal opportunities

for learners to find genuine meaning and answers to keenly felt moral questions and personal issues within the Jewish tradition.

Soulful Worship

(Tefilah) - Through uplifting music and communal prayer experiences, we ignite the divine spark with in our members. We offer spiritual opportunities for worshippers to reflect on their lives and find meaning.

Social Justice

(Tikun) – Learning and worship should lead to action. We volunteer for inspiring organizations and also work with various groups in a non-partisan fashion to find long-lasting solutions to the root causes of local and societal problems.

Creating Community

(Kehilah) – Our members continually strive to provide a warm and welcoming, family atmosphere in the congregation. We empower congregants to become involved in all aspects of synagogue life and embrace all who are interested in creating a Jewish life for themselves and their families.

Our communal ties extend beyond our synagogue walls and reach out to the entire Las Vegas valley, as well as to Israel and the rest of the Jewish People.