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It is hard to comprehend how much our world has changed in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it is hard to see what the future will look like, what life after COVID-19 will resemble. What is certain, is that now more than ever, Temple Sinai needs you, and we need you to believe in Temple Sinai.  We need you to remember the good times that we have had in our beautiful building - the Simchas, the heartfelt services, the tears and the connections. Close your eyes and hear the music of our heritage, and the laughter of the children echoing through the building. Remember the feeling of walking through the doors to see smiling, welcoming faces greet you with warmth and love.  

At Temple Sinai membership is something special.  It is a gateway to a community of support, prayer, kindness and love. Temple Sinai gives families the ability to preserve memories of the past while creating memories for our future.  At Temple Sinai, we give the next generation the tools to create a future filled joy, peace and hope. Temple Sinai must continue to cultivate the power of Jewish prayer, learning and culture.

 Our clergy, board and staff are doing everything possible to ensure that Temple Sinai continues to be a vibrant home for Reform Judaism in Las Vegas. With our collective efforts, we create ways to connect to you, to keep Temple Sinai and Judaism in your heart.  We will continue to virtually engage, educate and uplift you. As soon as it is safe to do so, we will open our doors to pray, learn and schmooze, just as we have always done. 

 It is not without acknowledgement of the world pandemic that we send this renewal letter.  We understand and are sensitive to the financial hardship that many of our Temple families may be facing.  For those who may need either spiritual support or financial assistance, please reach out to us. We are here for you and want to ensure that you remain a part of our Temple family.  We hope that you can see what the Temple has to offer you, and what you have to offer to the Temple. We are hopeful that the members of our Temple community that have not been financially affected by COVID-19, can give a little more this year, to help those who find themselves in a more insecure financial situation.

As always, we appreciate every member of Temple Sinai. We are a thriving Jewish community because you are a part of our family. We know that our strength as Jews will carry us through the uncertainty that we are all facing. We are all dreaming of the day when we can once again see each other in our building, our sanctuary, our home. 

Thank you for your commitment to Temple Sinai.

Ilana Shapiro, President

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