B’nai Mitzvah

Temple Sinai B’nai Mitzvah Process Gateway, Not Graduation

Dear Friends,

We’re glad that you are considering joining the community at Temple Sinai. Las Vegas can be an alienating, difficult place, and folks are always looking to be part of something to anchor them. That’s why Temple Sinai is here to help you make connections with each other and this beautiful heritage of ours. 

We know that the early teenage years are vital for emotional, physical and moral development. The b’nai mitzvah process is a key aspect that can be woven into all of this. At Temple Sinai, we offer your family the opportunity to build relationships with our Rabbi, Cantorial Soloist and Head of School to help you along this path. 

Most of all, the b’nai mitzvah process should be a glorious gateway to a jewel-filled universe of Jewish life, friendship and learning, not a burden-shedding graduation away from our community. We open the gateway to you now and invite you to cross the threshold.

L’shalom/To peace,

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen and Cantorial Soloist Heather Klein

Your Family, Your Home, A personal message from Rabbi Malcolm Cohen: 

“One of the greatest sources of pride of my work at Temple Sinai is the chances I get to interact with families over many years. There are some families for whom I have officiated at baby namings, b’nai mitzvah, weddings and even the tougher moments such as funerals. It’s all part of the work of Jewish community. Nothing fills me with more joy than listening to a young person relate their Torah portion to real life while looking around a sanctuary filled with all the people in the world that love and respect them. For all those reasons, bar/bat mitzvah is a gateway to being a fully fledged part of the Temple Sinai family and reinforcing the comfortable feeling of being at home here. I cannot wait to get to know your family better”. 


Adult B'nai Mitzvah


Some Jewish adults did not have the opportunity to celebrate becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a service at the age of thirteen. At Temple Sinai, our clergy leads a small group of adults in the study of Jewish history and tradition, theology, Hebrew, Torah reading or chanting, and haftarah reading or chanting. The class culminates in the participants' conducting a Shabbat morning service. If you are interested in participating in the next B'nai Mitzvah class, please Email Rabbi  or call the temple office at 702-254-5110