Overarching Goals: Hebrew and Judaic Studies

  • Students will gain both an affective (heart) and cognitive (mind) proficiency in a variety of prayer services. Over a course of 9 years, the students will read, chant, and lead Tefillot and Torah readings during classes and during assembly services. The students will appreciate prayers as a spiritual experience, connecting to G-d and bonding with their community and their congregation.
  • Students will read and write in Hebrew according to their grade level development as outlined by the Temple Sinai Hebrew program. In order to prepare students practically for modern American Jewish life, the curriculum will have a particular focus on Biblical and Siddur Hebrew.
  • Students will recognize Jewish sacred texts and gain an understanding of the history of the Jewish people through engagement in 21st-century learning and teaching. Kinesthetic, visual, audio, interactive, reading, and writing are all learning styles that will emphasize higher-order thinking at the Haberkorn Religious School.
  • Students will celebrate the Jewish holidays and be familiar with the history, mitzvot, blessings, and other rituals associated with each holiday as they develop their Jewish identity and Jewish lifestyle.
  • As a Reform institution, the Haberkorn Religious School will utilize a curriculum from the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) to ensure that students will have a clear understanding of Reform Jewish theology. Grades 1-7 will utilize the URJ’s CHAI Curriculum, a comprehensive, engaging Reform Judaics curriculum with three interrelated units for each year:
    • Torah: Favorite stories from the Torah with commentary and class assignments.
    • Avodah: Connecting to G-d and the Jewish people through prayers and rituals.
    • G’milut Chasadim: Learning about and applying Jewish values and acts of kindness into their lives.
  • Temple Sinai will continue to promote Jewish values that are at the core of our code of conduct. Our students will strive to act kindly to their community, appreciate diversity, promote human rights, and understand business and behavior ethics, inferring from Jewish history and seeing in literature the relevance to today’s issues.
  • Students will gain an appreciation for the Jewish community through Tikkun Olam projects and through community involvement. Temple Sinai will partner with a number of community organizations to bring a sense of community and partnership to our students while embracing Judaism and values.
  • Temple Sinai students and staff will continue to strengthen their association with Our Congregation, acquiring religious guidance and experiencing teachings from the Congregation’s clergy; Temple Sinai students will partner with the Congregation by playing a vital role in services, programs, holidays, and special events.

Download the grade-by-grade curriculum for Hebrew and Judaic studies: Grade by Grade Curricula Summary (Click Here)