Small Groups

Want to share your passions, engage in new experiences, and create meaningful connections with other members of the temple community?

Temple Sinai’s new Small Groups Initiative is a member-driven network organized around our many shared interests, including Jewish learning and discussion, cuisine and culture, health and wellness, arts, and entertainment, and more. It is just one of the ways we are working to build community within the congregation, to deepen individual relationships, and to highlight the diverse and incredibly creative interests of our members.  

Groups can range from just a few weeks to a year or more, are intentionally small (8-12 members), and can meet in person or virtually. Groups are forming now, so sign up today!

Have an idea and would like to lead a small group? Contact Rachel Allen at


Current Small Groups:



Yoga/Pilates and Meditation Group

Starting in May, Jillian Potashnick will teach women, ages 25-50, how to reactivate their core through Yoga and Pilates. At her home studio, Jillian - a certified yoga and Pilates instructor - will break down the details of the classic Sun Salutations and teach you how to properly engage your core muscles for maximum effectiveness of all Pilates moves. BYO (bring your own) mat but there are no additional costs. Interested? Email Jillian Potashnick at


Run, Sinai Run! This group meets at a different trail each week and runs (socially distant) to get in-shape together. Runners, joggers, and fast walkers who want to get back into jogging are encouraged! This group is already meeting for runs so reach out to Heather or Candace if you’d like to join in. Interested? Email Candace Martin at  or Heather Klein at

Hiking Group

We live in the middle of an incredibly beautiful desert. Let’s take advantage of the different trails and paths and get to know each other as we do it. Interested? Email Michael Folkman at or Dave Wise at



Starting the week of April 5th, Dr. Janna Bernstein will meet virtually current and former educators to discuss current topics, problems and innovative ideas surrounding the field of education. As educators, it can be helpful to engage with like-minded individuals in critical and festive conversations. As the world and our students' needs are ever-changing, let us come together to engage and discuss, share ideas and find community with one another.  There is no additional cost for this group. Interested? Email Dr. Janna Bernstein at 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all learned different things about ourselves. This group is for anyone wanting to learn, share and discuss their Genealogy. Led by Rebecca Kirsch, who found out she shares a last name with a famous Judaica artist, members will meet to discuss how to uncover their genealogy and then discuss their findings. Interested? Email Rebecca Kirsch at

Perkei Avot 

Sheryl Honig leads a group of members to study and discuss the ancient wisdom of Perkei Avot. Translated as the Ethics (or sayings) of our Fathers, these texts contain wisdom as to how we can attain a more meaningful, spiritual, and joyful life in the 21st century. Once the group is formed, members will determine where and how often to meet. Interested? Email Sheryl Honig at


Jewelry Design 

After Passover, crafter-extraordinaire Cindy Davis will lead women of any age on a journey to create beautiful one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets, or she’ll help with deconstructing and redesigning jewelry you already own. Come with or without your own supplies - there will be supplies and materials available if needed. Interested? Email Cindy Davis at

KIDS Origami 

Leo Potashnick, age 9, will lead this group of kids ages 6- 12 interested in learning the art of Origami. The group will meet in-person, starting in May at the Potashnik residence. Group members will learn to make cootie-catchers, turtles, swans, puppies, lotus flowers, tags and various other paper decorations. The Potashnicks will provide supplies unless you have specific paper to use. Interested? Email Jillian Potashnick at


Home Brewers

Eric Potashnick, home brewer, will show a group of men, ages 21 and over, how to make beer from start to finish. Meeting at Eric’s house starting in May, the group will learn and watch the entire beer-making process from creation to consumption. L’chaim! There is no cost associated with being part of this group; however, members may be inspired to buy their own supplies and start brewing themselves. Interested? Email Eric Potashnick at

Tour Vegas Culture 

Tony and Rachel Allen lead a group for anyone interested in learning more about the city we live in. As we begin to safely peek out into the world again, let us take the opportunity to safely experience the best of Vegas culture. While this could expand to live events - including local sports, lectures, and performances - for now the group will visit area museums. Southern Nevada has a rich history and amazing museums that both capture our vibrant past and bring the world’s finest to our backyard. Once the group is formed (ideally in June), we can determine where we start and how often we meet. Interested? Email Rachel and Tony Allen at

Eat Local

This group is for any age member who is interested in finding fun, unique, tasty and local food establishments. Las Vegas is home to some of the best food spots in the country. From going to a popular neighborhood spot to dining at a five-star eatery, this group will explore them all. This group requires members to pay for their own meal and will meet once per month starting in June. Restaurants will be decided upon at each meeting for the next meeting location. Interested? Email Rachel and Tony Allen at

Golden Knights 

Go Knights! A group for Temple Sinai’s Vegas Golden Knights fans to cheer, celebrate, and watch The Vegas Golden Knights games. Once the group is formed we can determine where we start and how often we meet. Interested? Email Andrew Enk at

Gluten Free Baking/Cooking

This group is for any-age adults with either a gluten allergy or who are interested in decreasing their gluten intake. This group will meet virtually until it is safe to do so in-person. Once in-person, the group will meet in members’ homes or in restaurants catering to gluten-free customers. Debbie Granados, an experienced baker, is excited to lead this group, hoping to swap recipes, stories, ideas and take the occasional field trip or have a special speaker. There are no additional costs unless eating out, then that will be at the member’s own expense. Interested? Email Debbie Granados at

Mahjong Club

Mahjong Club is a group of novice players who gather once a week on Thursdays at 1:00 PM at Temple Sinai to learn, advance their skillset and socialize. This group is open to all Temple members, and no reservation is required. It is a friendly, non-competitive environment for Temple members to get together and have some fun. If you have any questions, please contact Cele Rakow-Trepner at (702) 838-9558.