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Welcome to the Temple Sinai music page. I am Heather, your friendly Cantorial Soloist. My music adorations vary from opera to Norah Jones, and I love many genres along the way. My door is always open to chat about innovative ways to bring more music into our special community. At Temple Sinai our congregation loves to sing, so I make sure that happens!

Here are some ways to get involved:

High Holy Day Choir – Adult

Don’t just listen to the service, be an active participant and prepare over the summer to help everyone get involved in these special pieces.

Singing Opportunities in the community/Choir   ---   3rd – 7th grade (rehearsals TBD)

This will include Jewish holidays and special Shabbat services, as well as community events.

Pop Up Shabbat events                                                                                                                                                      

This year we will be planning our 3rd Pop Up Shabbat event in the spring. It includes over 400 people coming together

to celebrate Shabbat in our community. Several community organizations as well as Temple Sinai close their doors and come together under the stars to pray.


This year we also had a special Hanukkah event: Pop Up Hanukkah. It was a chance to celebrate Hanukkah with a band from Israel.

Yiddish Las Vegas

This is a festival of Yiddish culture and music. It includes artists from around the world having a concert and being involved with programming for the community on Sunday for the kids and some adult programs.

How can you be involved: I will be looking for volunteers to help me with planning and day of help.


This will be a special series of Shabbat services with special artists in the area and travelling in that have their own special musical expertise and will combine that with our Shabbat music to create new and innovative sounds to our congregation. This will focus on each artists’ improvisation skills. So far, we have had Jazz and Klezmer style.


This new program will be open to pre-teens and teens in the community who want to help lead. More to come.



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