Youth Group

SVTY – Temple Sinai’s NFTY Chapter

SVTY (pronounced “siv-tee”) is Temple Sinai’s TYG (Temple Youth Group) affiliate of NFTY, the official youth arm of the Union for Reform Judaism. SVTY is designed to be a place for the young people in our community to program and operate their own community, as their own lay-leaders. Under the supervision of Community & Youth Engagement Coordinator Alex Weisz, SVTY’s teen-lead and operated chapter board makes all decisions regarding programming and events. It is truly a program by teens, for teens.

Senior SVTY: 9th-12th Grade

Senior SVTY (generally referred to as just “SVTY”) is the flagship program of Temple Sinai’s Youth Department. With two programs and a lounge night per month, SVTY is a robust youth group experience for the teenagers in our community. In addition to creating positive Jewish relationships, our high school members are given numerous leadership opportunities that are practical and applicable to their future professional lives. Our chapter board creates and plans all of our programs, which requires our leaders to learn logistical, outreach, and marketing skills that will translate into their adult lives. There are two SVTY events as well as a lounge night every month!

In addition to local chapter programming through Temple Sinai, high school membership allows access to NFTY regional programming. Temple Sinai is a part of NFTY Southwest (NFTY SW), encompassing Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and San Antonio. During 3 regional weekends (Fall, Winter, and Spring Kallah), NFTY chapters from all over the region come together for a weekend of new friendships, learning, and fun. Regional programs are likewise organized by a teen-lead regional board, with its own leadership structure that is available for our teenagers to become a part of. For more information on NFTY SW, please visit

SVTY678 & Mini-SVTY

Leading into our high school program are SVTY678 (6th-8th grade, pronounced “siv-tee six seven eight”) and Mini-SVTY (3rd-5th grade). Both programs involve monthly, age-appropriate events programmed and staffed by high school leaders in order to give younger members of our community a taste of the NFTY experience – building life-long Jewish friendships.

Upcoming Events!

High School Lounge Nights – Every other Tuesday, 6:30-8 PM

Mini-SVTY @ Discovery Children’s Museum – December 17th, 1-3 PM

SVTY678 Sufganiyot & Smash Lounge Night – December 10th @ 6-7:30 PM


Madrichim in Hebrew means teachers, counselors, or leaders and is often used to refer to counselors at summer camps. At Temple Sinai, we garner young leadership with our own Madrichim program. Our Madrichim assist our Religious School teachers which teaches them back a valuable Jewish leadership experience. The program is geared to teens grades 8-12 who want to gain leadership skills and be an integral part of the Congregation. The teens make a commitment for the year and they are matched up with a particular class to assist the teacher in class projects and day-to-day activities. Our Madrichim help operate the laptops, document cameras, and smart boards in the classrooms as needed. Madrichim help deliver snacks, manage recess time, accompany classes during services, and other variety of school tasks.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Community & Youth Engagement Coordinator Alex Weisz using the form below.

Click HERE for SVTY Medical/Transportation forms, which are required before an attendee’s first SVTY program.

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